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Trackdesk has all you need to manage your business's affiliate program. Easily customise, monitor and optimise your program on a simple dashboard.

One of our happy customers says:

Our team was surprised by how easy it was to get setup and trackdesk quickly became a daily tool of our marketing tech stack.

Martin — CEO at Converting Ads

The Affiliate Marketing Platform for Your Business

Do more with trackdesk.

How does trackdesk work?

1. Sign up and Integrate

Trackdesk integrates within minutes. Simply follow our guides or reach out to us for assistance. We are integratable with many platforms from Shopify, Zapier, Paypal and have plans for much more.

2. Add Your Affiliates

You can welcome your affiliates to trackdesk via an invite link. Once you approve their access you can communicate offers and share materials in one place.

3. Begin the Campaign

Add banners, links, videos and posts for your affiliates. Measure the campaign's performance at a regional to individual level on trackdesk.

Affiliate marketing platform for those who prefer to keep it simple.

Segment Offers & Payments

Personalise your offers and payments based on location.

Customizable Commission Groups

Your affiliates are diverse; keep your tiers organised.

Easy Integration

Trackdesk easily integrates with the most popular tech stacks.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is arranging commissions that are given to affiliates for each visit, signup or sale generated for a merchant. In other words, it is outsourcing part of the sales process on behalf of a company. Learn more about affiliate marketing on our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming from the affiliate marketing industry, we designed a platform that is easy to learn, integrable with most software and operate and has all the features one needs to launch an efficient affiliate program. The trackdesk team loves simplicity, and we invested a lot of energy to ensure the UX is as intuitive as possible.

Our Achievements

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The people of trackdesk

Our team is expanding alongside trackdesk. We aim to simplify the complex and stay your trusted partner in affiliate marketing platforms.