5 Super Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

What are the most representative affiliate marketing examples? Explore top case studies in our guide and draw Inspiration from.


Running a successful affiliate marketing campaign to earn money by selling someone else’s products or services requires a robust strategy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create an effective affiliate marketing strategy and campaigns. Affiliate marketing examples from other successful affiliates can be used to get ideas and identify the best growth techniques that might work for you.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing examples and case studies that are a source of much more than mere motivation for new affiliates. A critical review of their marketing campaigns of affiliate businesses reveals insights that you can apply to your affiliate marketing business.

This comprehensive guide unleashes the most successful affiliate marketing campaign examples for you to get an idea and start affiliate marketing successfully.

Nothing is more important than learning from successful affiliate marketing case studies. The following affiliate marketing examples will give you motivation, help you understand the scope and level of affiliate marketing, and show you the exact steps to affiliate marketing success.


If you have to talk about affiliate marketing examples, you can’t go without talking about Wirecutter. It is a leading review site for Amazon products. You’ll find reviews for several products across different categories ranging from tech to kitchen to money to health.

Wirecutter excels in publishing quality product reviews that are well-researched. It relies on experts, interviews, and information from around the web to craft exceptionally in-depth and valuable reviews.

It was acquired by The New York Times in 2016 for $30 million. Today, Wirecutter is managed by quite a large team and is a fully grown affiliate site that makes money from two key sources: Subscription and affiliate products.

Wirecutter - trackdesk showcase

What You Can Learn from Wirecutter

Wirecutter is a perfect affiliate marketing example and case study for any affiliate. There are a lot of lessons to learn from it, including:

  1. Focus on quality content. The reviews by Wirecutter cover every detail that you'll not find in other reviews.
  2. Use the product yourself first, and then talk about it in a review. This makes your review and recommendation credible.
  3. Pick a top product and then justify your recommendation. This is what Wirecutter is best at. They don’t write reviews and leave the decision to the reader; instead, they pick a winning product and tell readers why it is the best.


ThisIsWhyImBroke is an Amazon affiliate site in the novelty items and gifts niche. You'll find unique and weird products that are, otherwise, hard to find on Amazon. For example, you'll find a real working invisibility shield for $65 on ThisIsWhyImBroke:

It gets tough to find this type of product on Amazon. People don’t know the exact search terms to see unique gifts for their loved ones.

ThisIsWhyImBroke is an aggregator that finds unique and weird products on Amazon and lists them for the users. The website receives 1.7 million monthly visitors, and it is estimated to have annual revenue of between $1-5 million:

Thisiswhyimbroke - trackdesk showcase

What You Can Learn from ThisIsWhyImBroke

Here is an overview of the top learnings for affiliate marketers from this simple yet highly profitable affiliate website:

  1. Niche is critical for affiliate marketing success. This Is Why I’m Broke picked a unique niche and then converted it into a specialty niche.
  2. Try to solve the problem of your target audience. These guys don’t focus on the content; instead, their main focus is on finding new products daily because this is what their audience is interested in
  3. Being different pays off. Reinventing the wheel doesn’t always backfire.

Headphones Addict

If you want to learn how to create a top-notch affiliate website that doesn’t look like a leading affiliate site, you need to check out the Headphones Addict.

The problem with most affiliate websites is that they don’t look professional and aren’t well-designed. Headphones Addict is a great affiliate marketing example. It doesn’t look like a traditional affiliate website because it has guides, reviews, and a well-designed footer.

It is a content-rich affiliate website that educates its readers instead of pitching them affiliate products in all the articles.

Headphones addict - trackdesks showcase

What You Can Learn from Headphones Addict

There is a lot that you can learn from this fantastic affiliate website:

  1. Focus on website design. Don’t ignore website design, and make sure your affiliate website looks professional, credible, and authoritative.
  2. Write quality yet authoritative content that educates your audience. A review website doesn’t mean every single article has to be a review with affiliate links.
  3. Create all types of content, including images, videos, tables, etc., and make it easier for readers to scan content and find what they're looking for quickly.


If you want to see how to create a big affiliate company by selling other people’s products, check out Nerdwallet. It is an affiliate website in a highly competitive niche: Consumer finance.

The best thing about Nerdwallet is the authority that it has developed over the years by publishing helpful content for its readers. It has developed calculators such as student loan calculator and savings calculator that are extremely useful for the target audience:

It is a gigantic website with lots of content. It took years for Nerdwallet to reach here, and it is an excellent example for new affiliates who consider affiliate marketing a side business.

NerdWallet addict - trackdesks showcase

What You Can Learn from Nerdwallet

Here is a list of the most significant learnings from one of the leading affiliate websites:

  1. Don’t limit yourself by considering affiliate marketing part-time. If you are serious, you can grow a massive company.
  2. In a competitive niche, interactive content can help you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Consistently publish quality content and try to become an authority in your niche. You don’t have to add affiliate links to every article you publish.

PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker is one of the best affiliate marketing examples that takes a unique approach. It isn’t content or a review affiliate site; rather, these guys have created a tool that helps people create a computer-based on their specific requirements.

They show a complete list of different tools for building a computer, such as CPU, memory, storage, etc., with detailed specifications. And this is where they add their affiliate links.

PCPartPicker isn't focusing on content rather it is solving a big problem of a huge target market. If you want to create a customized computer (say for gaming), you'll need a list of parts for it with details. This is what these guys do.

PCPartPicker addict - trackdesks showcase

What You Can Learn from PC Part Picker

With 5.4 million monthly visitors, here is what affiliates need to learn from PC Part Picker:

  1. Understand and solve your target audience’s problem in the best way possible
  2. It is a great idea to merge and target related niches and create your own exclusive market within a niche
  3. Build a community. PC Part Picker has dedicated forums for hardware and software where people interact and help each other build computers and find the right parts.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing is lucrative when done right. The examples discussed above are more than enough to show how profitable your affiliate business could be. The sky’s the limit.

You need to take ideas from these best affiliate marketing examples and see how you can grow in your niche. Start from the basics by understanding the core problem you want to solve. And then generate ideas to solve the problem of your target audience in a unique yet profitable way.

Then figure out how you can best incorporate affiliate products into your solution. Start from the problem and then move from there. Don’t go the other way by picking a set of affiliate products and marketing them to your target audience by linking products to an existing problem.

I specialise in creating content that resonates with audiences and aligns with marketing objectives. My approach combines persuasive narratives with a keen understanding of brand essence to foster genuine connections and inspire reader engagement. Each piece is designed not just to inform but to captivate and convert readers into customers.

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