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Follow These 6 Steps to Build a Great SaaS Affiliate Program

In the highly competitive SaaS market, finding effective ways to stand out and grow your user base is crucial. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is affiliate marketing.


Setting Affiliate Commission Rates That Don’t Eat Into Profits

Learn how to set and maximise affiliate commission rates without compromising your profit margins.


How to Promote Your Affiliate Program: Focus on These 6 Areas

: Learn how to promote your affiliate program by focusing on six key areas. Increase your reach, visibility, and trust to drive success.


How Strong Affiliate Partnerships Can Help You Succeed

Discover how strong affiliate partnerships drive success. Learn the benefits and strategies to create lasting partnerships for mutual growth.


11 High-Impact Affiliate Marketing Strategies for 2024

Get ahead in affiliate marketing with 11 top strategies for 2024. Earn more from analysing your competition to using premier affiliate software like trackdesk.


Master Affiliate Management: 11 Tips for Your Program Growth

Let's go through 11 proven tips to improve your affiliate management from partner search to performance analysis.


Track These 12 Affiliate Marketing KPIs (+ 3 Metrics to Avoid)

Tracking affiliate marketing KPIs lets you make informed decisions to optimise and grow your program. Find out which KPIs to track and which ones to avoid.


Affiliate Marketing Automation: Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Discover how affiliate marketing automation benefits your brand and learn about the different ways to get started with affiliate automation.


Harness Data Insights to Maximise Growth with Affiliate Analytics

Empower affiliate growth through data insights. Learn how to evaluate affiliate performance and how to boost their growth strategies using data-driven analysis.


How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Free Template)

Learn how to protect your business and ensure affiliates follow your affiliate marketing rules.


How to Build an eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Program

Boost your eCommerce growth with our beginner-friendly guide. Drive sales and expand your reach based on proven playbooks.


Affiliate Marketing for Small Business: An 8-Step Growth Path

Here's how to increase your small business sales through affiliate marketing with our simple 8-step strategy.


Affiliate Tracking: What It Is and How To Do It Right

Tracking is a must if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. Learn everything you need to know to ensure you do it right.

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Prevent Affiliate Frauds: 7 Effective Strategies

Discover how to protect your affiliate marketing program. Find out 7 proven strategies to stop common frauds and improve your performance with trackdesk.


9 MLM Affiliate Software to Accelerate Your Growth

Read on to learn more about MLMs and why they’re not scams. Discover how a hybrid setup and the use of MLM affiliate software can help you grow your business and affiliate program.

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A Guide to Building Thriving Affiliate Relationships

Learn about the crucial role of impactful affiliate communication in building effective affiliate relationships for brand growth.


Pre-Launch Checklist for a Successful Affiliate Program (10 Steps)

This guide equips you with a detailed roadmap to avoid common pitfalls like miscalculated commissions and broken links, ensuring your influencers are buzzing about your deals rather than tweeting their disappointment. From competitive analysis and goal setting to choosing the right platform and optimizing payment systems, our 10-step checklist covers every base.


12 Strategies on How to Motivate Affiliates to Bring More Sales

Affiliates play a vital role in growing your business. Discover how you can boost affiliate engagement and retention and keep your affiliates motivated.


How to Scale Affiliate Recruitment for Brand Growth in 2024 [Comprehensive Guide]

Scaling the affiliate recruitment process enables brands to take their affiliate program and business further. Learn how to scale affiliate marketing to boost sales.


Bootstrapping Your Affiliate Marketing Program: A Quick Guide to Getting Your First Affiliates

In this guide, we’ll look at how bootstrapping your affiliate marketing program can help you get your business up and running. We’ll also share tips on how to recruit your first affiliates so you can successfully implement effective affiliate marketing on a budget.

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How to Craft Compelling Affiliate Deals to Attract Top-Tier Affiliate Partners

In today’s increasingly digital landscape, affiliate marketing is an invaluable marketing tactic that helps businesses cut through the noise, expand their reach, build brand awareness, and cultivate customer trust and loyalty.


How to Start an Affiliate Network from Scratch

A good affiliate network can connect affiliates to the ideal advertisers within the niche of their choice. We'll show you how to build such a network.


13 Super Easy Ways to Find Affiliates for Your Business in 2024

Finding the right affiliate partnerships is essential to succeed in your affiliate marketing business.

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8 Steps to Create an Affiliate Landing Page

Learn how to make a high-converting affiliate marketing landing page with this step-by-step guide that includes practical examples with helpful pointers.


Who are Affiliates and What Makes a Good One?

Discover what makes a good affiliate and check out examples of successful ones. Learn about tips on how to find top-performing affiliates.


Open Marketplace vs Private Affiliate Network: Which is Better?

Learn the difference between an open marketplace and a private affiliate network. Discover which has the best benefit for your business in this article.

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How to Recruit Affiliates for High-Impact Partnerships for Beginners

In this article, we’ll be sharing a few techniques on how to recruit affiliate partners, as well as actionable tips to help you recruit top affiliates.


Tekpon Names trackdesk Among Best Affiliate Software Companies

Trackdesk made the selection of the best affiliate-marketing-centered solutions platforms as one of Tekpon’s top 10 affiliate software developers for the year, according to the announcement.

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Five Aspects to Consider for Market Penetration

Unleashing Market Potential: Exploring Five Crucial Aspects for Successful Market Penetration Strategies in the Evolving Business Landscape.

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Smarter Affiliate Management: Automation and Mass Payments

Gain the Competitive Edge: Streamline Affiliate Management with Automation and Efficient Mass Payments for Enhanced Marketing Success.


Trackdesk Transforms the Affiliate Marketing Landscape with FREE Affiliate Software Package That Empowers Businesses

Introducing Trackdesk: The FREE affiliate software package that empowers businesses. No charges until you gain traction in the market. Unleash your potential now!

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Smarter Affiliate Management: Coupon Tracking and Promo Codes

Maximize Affiliate Performance with Smarter Coupon Tracking and Promo Code Management.

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Expand Your Business By Learning How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Unlock the Potential: A Comprehensive Guide on Starting Affiliate Marketing to Expand Your Business and Establish a Prominent Online Presence.

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Exploring the Differences Between an Affiliate and a Subsidiary

Unraveling the Distinctions: Exploring the Similarities and Differences Between Subsidiaries and Affiliates in Today's Evolving Business Landscape.


How to Promote Your Affiliate Link: Introductory Guide on Affiliate Link Promotion

Discover the essential strategies and techniques to effectively promote your affiliate links and elevate your affiliate marketing business to new heights in this comprehensive guide.


Myth or Reality: Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

In this article, we aim to shed light on the mechanics of affiliate marketing, providing valuable insights to those unfamiliar with its inner workings and debunking the notion that it is merely a scam.


What Is an Affiliate Company and How Does It Work?

Discover the Inner Workings, Advantages, and How to Become an Affiliate for a Company.


What’s a Referral Code and How to Use Referral Programs in 2023

Learn about What’s a Referral Code and How to Use Referral Programs in 2023


Secure Affiliates for Your Startup in 7 Easy Ways

Attracting and retaining affiliates for your startup can be achieved by defining your target audience, offering attractive commission structures, providing high-quality marketing materials, and establishing clear communication channels.

Introducing the trackdesk Affiliate Program

Introducing the trackdesk Affiliate Program, where you can earn extra cash while promoting a fantastic product.


5 Aspects to Consider for Market Penetration

Market penetration helps you grow your business, increase sales, and gain competitive advantage. Learn what it is and how you can use it to your advantage.


6 Strategies for Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition expands your customer base and helps increase revenue. Find out how customer acquisition strategies can equip your business for growth.


5 Tips to Stay Engaged With Your Affiliates

Discover how to maintain an active, mutually beneficial relationship with your affiliates, promoting your services and fostering a loyal audience.


How to Attract and Retain Affiliates: A Nifty Guide

Learn practical strategies for recruiting and keeping affiliates, essential to leverage the power of this prevalent digital marketing tool.


Affiliate Marketing: Other Goals to Watch Beyond Revenue

Discover the importance of tracking metrics s to maximize your brand's potential and overall success in affiliate marketing.

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5 Reasons Every Startup Needs a Growth Affiliate Program

The startup ecosystem is competitive, and building a new business is no easy task. If you want to see your company grow, it partially takes a smart marketing campaign to draw interest.

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9 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes for Your eCommerce Business

Affiliate marketing mistakes are common in the eCommerce industry, especially for beginners. Learning and improving from the start can help eliminate mistakes, and knowing common marketing slips before launching your affiliate program will help yield better results more efficiently.


8 Winning Affiliate Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

A comprehensive guide offers essential tips and tricks for creating engaging content that drives sales. From crafting compelling product descriptions to optimizing your website's layout, our guide covers everything you need to know to stand out in a crowded market.


Best Practices for Managing Affiliate Partnerships for Your eCommerce Business

Discover the key to successful affiliate partnership management for your eCommerce business with our essential guide. Learn about important KPIs and how to track them for optimal growth.


8 Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing has proved its effectiveness in increasing sales, brand awareness, and overall authority. So, in this precise guide, we introduce you to the best, tested, and easy steps to succeed with this marketing strategy


How To Build a Five-Star Affiliate Marketing Website in 2023

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to improve your business ranking, drive more sales, and increase your online revenue. But the most crucial part of this is a good affiliate marketing website. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a five-star website and thrive traffic to your business.


10 Affiliate Marketing Tools of 2023 To Drive More Sales and Organic Traffic

You need powerful marketing tools to increase your online revenue and drive more sales to succeed in affiliate marketing. Here you can learn about the most effective affiliate marketing tools to boost your business success and help you reach your goals.


8 Amazing Content Ideas for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Affiliate marketing is one of the most beneficial ways to increase your brand awareness, sales, and online revenue. In this helpful article, you'll learn about the most effective content ideas which will bring success to your marketing strategy and take it to the next level.


Affiliate Marketing for Small Businesses: The Complete Guide for 2023

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing to small businesses? Find all your answers in our comprehensive guide.


9 Steps To Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing for Your Small Business in 2023

As a small business, you can offer a financial incentive to others to promote and sell for you. How? Learn everything in this guide.

10 Super Easy Ways to Find Affiliates for Your Business in 2023

Finding the right affiliate partnerships is essential to succeed in your affiliate marketing business. It is one of the most important skills for succeeding in your strategy. We’ve created this step-by-step guide with 10 easy ways to find affiliates and level up your business


The Definitive Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2023

In this comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing, we're going to show you exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing and grow your affiliate marketing business.

Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

In this comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing, we're going to show you exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing for complete beginners.

11 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2023

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective strategies for business success. We’ve made this definitive guide on affiliate marketing trends to help you boost your sales and ensure maximum scaling of your business

Six Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Give an added edge to your digital marketing by automating your affiliate marketing program.

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Five Ways to Improve Your SaaS Affiliate Program

Discover the top five ways to improve your SaaS affiliate program.


Branding your eCommerce Site Through Affiliate Marketing

Build your brand with affiliate marketing.


How to Measure the Success of Your SaaS Affiliate Network

Ensure the success of your SaaS affiliate network by measuring these critical points.


5 Reasons Every SaaS Needs a Growth Affiliate Program

Discover the top five reasons why every SaaS should consider a growth affiliate program.


A Complete Guide for SaaS Affiliate Commissions

Discover how to determine your commission structure, maximize your SaaS's affiliate program earnings, and set the best KPIs.


10 Ways To Recruit Affiliates for Your Affiliate Program

Recruiting great affiliates for your product is a challenging task. We did the heavy lifting for you and uncovered the best ways in this guide.

5 Super Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

What are the most representative affiliate marketing examples? Explore top case studies in our guide and draw Inspiration from.