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An Interface that Goes with a Morning Coffee

Our dashboard and system were designed to make your workflow faster with deeper insights.

Measured Reporting

Track data from your click level to conversion. Identify leading affiliates, successful landing pages and pinpoint where ROI is performing the best.

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Easy to integrate with your current tech stack

Connect your data from your CRM or your subscription platform. No developer needed. See list of all our integrations.

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One of our happy customers says:

Trackdesk is an indispensable tool for our affiliate program. We were part of the pilot program and were surprised by how easy it was for our marketing tech stack. The platform is easy to learn and launch.

Martin — CEO at Converting Ads

A trusted affiliate marketing solution to:

Launch an affiliate program to promote your products and/or services.

Take advantage of our intuitive platform and start your affiliate program in no time.

  • Integrate your tech stack seamlessly.
  • Automate rewards and incentive payments for your partners.

Take your affiliate marketing strategy up a level.

Need to improve your affiliate marketing strategy like yesterday? We got you.

  • Real-time performance tracking of campaigns and partners.
  • Data migration from your current affiliate platform with ease.
  • An unlimited number of supported affiliates, sales conversions, and team members.

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