Brand Ambassador Software

Boost Your Revenue With A Brand Ambassador Program

Trackdesk will enhance your affiliate and influencer marketing campaigns.

Optimising Your Affiliate Marketing for Brand Ambassadors

Automate Recruitment

Trackdesk lets you automate the recruitment process, making finding, recruiting, and onboarding talented and knowledgeable brand ambassadors easier.

Real-time Reporting

Trackdesk’s real-time reporting lets you focus on the numbers that matter. Get actionable data in real-time to assess your ambassadors’ performance and make data-driven decisions.

Affiliate Marketing Automation

With trackdesk, you can enjoy affiliate marketing automation features. Build personalised customer journeys, align campaigns with business goals, improve conversion rates, and grow revenue.

Powerful Analytics

Easily segment your data the way you want. With trackdesk, simplifying your workflow has just gotten easier.

Customisable Dashboard

Trackdesk’s dashboard does so much. It’s simple and easy to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. It’s fully customisable, personalise your dashboard based on your preferences.

Personalised Commissions

With trackdesk, you can create custom commissions based on tiers and payment methods. Best of all, you can automate affiliate payouts based on their performance.

Affiliate Coupons

Trackdesk makes tracking affiliate coupons simple with its advanced tracking features. Easily monitor your ambassadors’ performance and pay them fairly while boosting your sales and revenue. 

Communication and Promotion

Stay in touch with your brand ambassadors. With trackdesk, switching from one platform to another is unnecessary. Use trackdesk’s communication channels to align with your affiliates.

Why is trackdesk ideal for your affiliate program?

Feature-Packed Solution for Scaling Your Business

Trackdesk is a feature-rich, user-friendly affiliate marketing solution with real-time reporting, customizable commission groups, and unlimited affiliate management options.

Breaking the Limits of Tracking

With unlimited affiliates and the ability to quickly segment offers and payments based on location, trackdesk provides insights and features to optimise your program on a simple dashboard.

Best-in-Class Customer Support

With trackdesk, you’ll get the help you need every step of the way. Whether you need access to tutorials or require a one-on-one demo, we have your back. Trackdesk also offers setup support, personal onboarding, and integration help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencers and brand ambassadors may share some similarities, given that they can help promote your brand, but they do have key differences. A brand ambassador program can have influencers, and an influencer marketing program can have brand ambassadors. However, a brand ambassador tends to have an already established relationship with your brand, and they’re likely to have a handful of brands they work with. You can also build a long-term relationship with them. With influencers, on the other hand, they can work with many brands, and you can opt to create a short-term or long-term relationship with them. Furthermore, you can work with influencers even if they haven’t heard of your brand or used your products before.