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Automate Recruitment

Engage with partners knowledgeable in SaaS affiliate marketing with Trackdesk. Run an automated procedure from recruitment, onboarding, and rewards to sales conversions.

Real-time Performance Insights

Get a rundown of the statistics that matter. Trackdesk delivers real-time actionable data on campaign progress and a partner's performance.

Customisable Commission Models

Set the terms of how partners get paid and receive rewards. Automate the settlement of conversions and payout schedules with Trackdesk's commission models for every type of affiliate partner.

Referral Incentives

Drive partner performance by offering generous incentives. Set benchmarks for affiliate partners to meet and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Recurring Commissions

Reap the benefits of recurring commissions. Trackdesk monitors and records regular payments of referrals. Partners earn a commission for every subscription renewal and/or upgrade of their referrals.

Custom Dashboard

Personalise the Trackdesk dashboard according to your preferences with its customisable user interface.

Enhanced Communication

Keep affiliate partners up-to-date without leaving the app. Trackdesk offers communication channels to relay updates and announcements.

Fraud Detection

Ward off suspicious clicks and other malicious activity on affiliate links. Trackdesk monitors anomalous behaviour online and notifies you in real-time of fraudulent acts.

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  • FREE up to $1,000 monthly revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

We developed the platform with you in mind. At Trackdesk, the purpose is to have a new tool that makes integration as simple as possible, skipping advanced developer tools. It doesn't matter if it is Mailchimp, Shopify, Paypal, Stripe or Wix. If it is part of your tech stack, trackdesk can work with it.

The people of Trackdesk

Our team is expanding alongside Trackdesk. We aim to simplify the complex and stay your trusted partner in affiliate marketing platforms.

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We are here to answer all your questions!