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Better Way to Optimise, Manage, and Grow Your Affiliate Program

Whether tracking affiliate or campaign performance, onboarding new affiliates, or keeping your affiliate partners engaged, trackdesk has all the right features to transform how you work.

Leveraging Your Affiliate Program for Business Growth

Customisable Commission Models

Trackdesk lets you create customisable commission models, allowing you to tailor your commission structure, including tiers and affiliate rewards.

Affiliate Marketing Automation

Trackdesk's affiliate marketing automation saves your time to focus on more complex tasks. Create enhanced and personalised experiences for both your affiliate partners and your audience.

Unlimited Affiliates

Trackdesk lets you manage unlimited affiliates, giving you room for growth. With real-time reporting capabilities, you can conveniently track their performance and get vital insights when needed.

Custom Cookie Time

With trackdesk, you can determine the cookie time that works best for your goals. Choose the ideal duration for your program, allowing you to boost conversions, and optimize your overall performance.

Fraud Prevention

Affiliate fraud is a threat that can wreak havoc on your business and reputation. Trackdesk’s advanced fraud detection capabilities give you, your affiliates, and your customers' peace of mind and security.

Why Is trackdesk Ideal for Your Affiliate Program?

Each Feature Is Designed to Help You Scale Your Business

Trackdesk is designed with you in mind. Aside from being a feature-rich solution, it’s easy to use and integrates with your website in a matter of minutes.

Unparalleled Tracking Capabilities

Trackdesk makes it easier to automate your tracking requirements, from tracking performance to monitoring notifications and requests. Plus, there is no limitation; you can track as many visitors, sales, or leads on your website as needed.

Best-in-Class Customer Support

With trackdesk, you’ll get the help you need every step of the way. Whether you need access to tutorials or require a one-on-one demo, we can give you the support you need. trackdesk also offers setup support, personal onboarding, and integration help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trackdesk offers robust analytics, seamless integrations, real-time performance insights, personalisation of your campaign goals and commission models, affiliate access management, manual commission adjustments, and access to error logs, among other affiliate management and tracking features. See the full features list.