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With PayPal's MassPay feature, paying your affiliates is a no-brainer. Forget the hassle of manual payouts. Just set up MassPay, and you’re all set to send multiple payments in one go. It's all about simplifying things and getting on with what you do best.

3-simple steps:

Setup Tracking Effortlessly

Integrate T rackdesk seamlessly with your website and payment provider. No technical expertise needed. Utilize our integrations and guidance.

Create an offer

Choose from our pre-defined templates, customise them to your preferences, and you'll be all set!

Add Affiliates

Expand your network by inviting affiliates through branded registration forms, or simply add them manually.

Simple PayPal Integration
with Trackdesk

Integrate Trackdesk with your Shopify account in less than 10 minutes

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Make Payments a Breeze

Our seamless setup lets you track clicks, conversions, and payments. No more manual calculations, just automated, reliable reporting that keeps your business on the fast track to success.

Zero Investment, Maximum Impact

Why pay more when you can get it all for less? With Trackdesk's PayPal integration, you get seamless tracking, automated mass payouts, and reliable analytics—all without touching your wallet.

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CEO at All in Factory

I like the very complete reporting and statistics part and performance metrics. It is very clear and user friendly so even if you are new to this, you will quickly find all the info you need to track your metrics.



A game-changing solution for startups! Our revenue-generating affiliate program launched effortlessly, allowing us to save valuable resources from the start. Trackdesk enabled us to jumpstart our affiliate program. The ideal solution for SaaS start-ups!

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  • FREE up to $1,000 monthly revenue

  • CPA, CPS, and CPL tracking

  • unlimited tracking requests

  • recurring commissions

  • WooCommerce integration

  • non-WooCommerce sites

  • FREE up to $1,000 monthly revenue

  • Wise & PayPal automated payouts

Save your hard earned cash. Pay less for the same.

Rely on us with complete hassle-free migration. We take care of end-to-end transition from your current affiliate marketing platform.

  • Zero downtime during the transition

  • Lower costs

CEO at Converting Ads

Effortlessly migrated with Trackdesk's expert assistance. Zero interruptions and seamless integration. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

The PayPal integration allows you to seamlessly connect your PayPal account with Trackdesk. This enables you to track clicks, leads, and sales while also managing your affiliate programs effortlessly.

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