Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to build, sustain and scale your affiliate marketing in 14 lessons.

Before you Get Started

Here's a checklist of all essentials you need before starting your journey.

What Are Affiliates and How Can you Find Them?

Start with the foundations. Get a clear understanding of who're the right people to partner up with, how and where to find them.

How to Recruit Affiliates

How do you get the best people to work with you? This is one of the most difficult lessons – which makes it all the more important to focus on.

Create a Landing Page

You'll learn how to capitalize on your uniqueness. Learn how to create your unique value statement, to convey it through clear and valuable content, and how to best use visuals on your landing page.

Craft the Best Offer

99% of all revenue comes from 1% of affiliates. Does your offer really stand out among hundreds of competitors? Learn how making seemingly small changes returns exponential results.

Private Networks vs. Open Marketplace

A big element that can make or break your efforts. We'll detail the big differences between using an open marketplace vs. nurturing a private network depending on where you're at.

Bootstrapping your first affiliates

Get a firm grasp on everything you need to build out your new program. From the most cost-effective solutions to the most common challenges you'll encounter – everything's here.

Scaling (for Established Businesses)

You've got the "basics". Now it's time to learn how to make big moves. Learn when to diversify, expand and monitor at scale.

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