Affiliate Software for Brands and Advertisers

The unified platform to manage all your partnerships

Trackdesk will equip you with the advanced tools and instant insights you need to scale your business.

Enhanced Workflow

Make insightful decisions with an overview of your campaigns, revenue channels and partners from the trackdesk dashboard.

Automate effective campaigns to reach your target goals.

Keep affiliate partners up-to-date without leaving the app to relay updates and announcements.

Enable automated payouts alongside performance analytics.

Integration Made Simple

Leverage performance insights to deliver profitable results.

Personalise your campaign goals and commission models as necessary.

Trackdesk integrates seamlessly with your sales and marketing software.

Why is trackdesk ideal for advertisers?

A Unified Affiliate Marketing Solution

Optimise your affiliate program with the latest tools and features accessible from the trackdesk dashboard.

Easy Integration

Leverage insights from other marketing, customer, and business management programs with trackdesk.

Responsive Support

We are here to help you get the most out of the platform. Our integrity depends on your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

We developed the platform with you in mind. At trackdesk, the purpose is to have a new tool that makes integration as simple as possible, skipping advanced developer tools. It doesn't matter if it is Mailchimp, Shopify, Paypal, Stripe or Wix. If it is part of your tech stack, trackdesk can work with it.