All-In-One Affiliate Dashboard

Instant snapshot of your affiliates in one spot. Track, analyze, and monitor campaign performance in real-time, while giving your affiliate access to a minimalistic and comprehensive dashboard!

Clean & Simple

We hate “feature bloat”, our dashboard shows you what you need to see. Everything else is just one click away.

Affiliate Access

Your affiliate partners will gain access to their own dashboard where they can track performance or grab visuals!

Quick Invite

Send your affiliate an invitation link and that is it. They sing up and track takes care of everything else. A literal set and forget.

Data Driven Affiliate Dashboard

Monitor your affiliate's performance with our all-in-one dashboard, while giving them access to their own cabinet with all the data and assets that they may need.

Get on track, with us

Take advantage of our free plan and see your sales grow in real-time on our state of the art dashboard!

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One Platform, Various Uses

Frequently Asked Questions

Trackdesk's affiliate dashboard provides an instant snapshot of your affiliates. It allows you to track, analyse, and monitor campaign performance in real time. The dashboard is designed to be clean and simple, showing you what you need to see while keeping everything else just one click away.