Optimising Your Affiliate Onboarding Process With trackdesk

Affiliate Onboarding Simplified

When done manually, the affiliate onboarding process can be tedious, but with Trackdesk, you can easily streamline the entire process for you and your new affiliates.

Automation at Your Fingertips

Trackdesk offers affiliate marketing automation to optimise workflows, manage data, and scale onboarding for new affiliates.

A More Effective Way to Track Affiliates

Trackdesk monitors unlimited affiliates, scales to track high volumes of metrics, and offers real-time reporting with intelligent insights for growth decisions.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Simplify affiliate onboarding process with trackdesk. Effortlessly set up your custom onboarding form and filter affiliates based on your criteria.

Onboarding New Affiliates

Onboarding new affiliates is crucial to help them understand your affiliate program's goals, terms and conditions, and how they can better market your brand. Regularly check in with new affiliates to streamline the process and ask for feedback. To ensure a seamless onboarding experience, prepare a checklist of critical points and create a personalized experience based on affiliates' experience levels. With Trackdesk, you can optimize your onboarding process with advanced features such as automated recruitment, customizable commission models, fraud detection, and a custom dashboard.

Check out some of the benefits of trackdesk's onboarding feature

Take advantage of our free plan and launch an a fully branded affiliate platform under your control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate onboarding is the process of acquainting new affiliates with your program. This includes welcoming them, educating them about your program’s goals, setting expectations, and giving them the tools they need so they can start promoting your brand.