Innovative Affiliate Technology That Delivers Results

Innovative Affiliate Technology

Trackdesk’s innovative affiliate technology transforms how you track, manage, and optimise your affiliate marketing program.

Optimise Like Never Before

Trackdesk's new affiliate technology automates your affiliate marketing processes. Improve conversion rates, and manage data easily while growing your ROI.

Technology Tailored to Your Needs

Trackdesk's affiliate technology streamlines processes and workflows for optimisation and management, facilitating business growth.

Enhancing Affiliate Management

Track unlimited affiliates easily with trackdesk. Analyze performance across multiple channels with a drag-and-drop dashboard. Simplify workflows and segment data efficiently.

Redefining Affiliate Technology With trackdesk

Trackdesk's affiliate technology helps users optimize their affiliate program with customizable commission models, advanced fraud detection, and simplified integrations. Leverage automation to reach program goals and make data-driven decisions with a unified dashboard. Benefit from personal onboarding, setup support, and integration help for a seamless experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate technology refers to the different solutions (hardware and software) that brands use to monitor and measure their affiliates’ performance. It also enables them to determine payment for their affiliate partners.