Analyse and Optimise

Transform your affiliate program into a marketing powerhouse with trackdesk: analyse, optimise, and thrive.

Real-time Reporting

Measure affiliate and campaign performance in real-time.

Location Targeting

Deliver localised content to your affiliates and their audience, and start optimising your affiliate program.

Device Targeting

Optimise your affiliate program and campaigns by leveraging the different devices used by your affiliates and their audience.

Campaign Access Management

Have better control over your campaigns with trackdesk’s campaign access management capabilities.

Access to Error Logs

Gain access to error logs and resolve issues faster and more effectively.

Fraud Detection

Detect fraudulent traffic and protect your affiliates and your reputation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, trackdesk provides real-time reporting features that allow you to measure affiliate and campaign performance instantly. This helps you keep track of your marketing efforts and make necessary adjustments promptly.

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