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Recruit affiliates, access automation features, and grow your ROI with trackdesk’s affiliate marketing solutions.

A Flexible, Scalable Solution for Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Automation

Automate and optimise your influencer marketing with trackdesk's affiliate marketing solutions. Easily create, monitor and improve campaigns to boost conversions and ROI.

Accurate and Intelligent Reports

Trackdesk’s intelligent reporting gives you access to accurate real-time reports, helping you make data-backed decisions faster.

Personalised Commissions

Experience better control over your commission structure and reward models with trackdesk and keep your collaborators engaged.

Referral Incentives

With trackdesk, rewarding your influencers for a job well done is now easier. Offer incentives and exclusive benefits for successful referrals. Create benchmarks and transform your influencer marketing campaigns into something unique.

Affiliate Coupons

With trackdesk, you can easily keep track of your influencers’ coupon codes. Monitor the performance of your coupon codes and use the data to reward your influencers based on performance.

Fraud Detection

Protect your business and your influencers with trackdesk’s fraud detection capabilities. Steer clear of fraudulent partners, clicks, and conversions by maintaining loyalty and trust.

Why is trackdesk ideal for your affiliate program?

The Go-To Platform for Effortless Affiliate Marketing

Trackdesk is the ideal platform for effortless affiliate marketing. With an intuitive user interface and easy integration, managing your affiliate campaigns is easy.

Track Without Limits

Trackdesk offers unmatched tracking abilities that automate your tracking needs, including performance tracking, monitoring notifications and requests, S2S events tracking, and audit log tracking. Unlike other tracking tools, trackdesk provides unlimited monthly tracking requests.

Best-in-Class Customer Support

With trackdesk, you’ll get the help you need. Whether you need access to tutorials or require a one-on-one demo, our support is ready. Trackdesk also offers setup support, personal onboarding, and integration help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing where brands work with influencers to promote their products or services, increase their exposure, and grow their reach. Influencers don’t necessarily need to have millions of followers. Even a subject-matter expert with a dedicated and engaged following of thousands or even just hundreds can be considered an influencer.