Affiliate Management

Efficiently and effectively manage your affiliates within your network

with trackdesk’s powerful affiliate management features.

Creative Assets Management

Share your creative assets with your affiliates for them to create more impactful campaigns that will bring solid results.


Payment Methods Management

Conveniently manage multiple payment methods, such as PayPal, ACH bank transfers, and more with trackdesk and keep your affiliates happy.


Private Campaigns

Craft and manage special campaigns for selected affiliates.

Affiliate Access

Have better control over your affiliate program through trackdesk’s improved affiliate access management capabilities.

Affiliates Newsletters

Keep your affiliates in the loop and through affiliate newsletters, a standard feature on the trackdesk platform.


Minimise errors with automation features. Automate payments and rewards tracking while improving the relationship with your affiliates.


Tax Preparation

Simplify the way you prepare you and your affiliates’ taxes with trackdesk’s tax preparation capabilities.


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