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 With trackdesk, you can revolutionise your affiliate marketing efforts to create a stronger, more effective affiliate marketing program.

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Effective Attribution Tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and marketing channels with trackdesk’s powerful attribution tracking features. Access accurate attribution data and ensure that your affiliates are compensated fairly.

Advanced Tracking Capabilities

Track and manage your affiliate campaigns with ease, thanks to trackdesk’s advanced tracking capabilities. Find out where your traffic is coming from, optimise offers, and which channels are performing well. 

Sales Tracking Done Your Way

With trackdesk, you get an easy-to-use, intuitive tool for sales tracking. It gives you access to robust analytics, customisation features, and unparalleled support so you can enhance your program and grow your business your way.

Redefining Affiliate Technology With trackdesk

Effective affiliate tracking can be a game-changer for businesses looking to expand their marketing efforts. With the ability to monitor referrals and leads, affiliate tracking provides valuable insights into the performance of campaigns and affiliates. Here are six key features of trackdesk's affiliate tracking system that can help kick-start your marketing program.

Check out some of the benefits of trackdesk's affiliate tracking feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate tracking refers to the process of tracking your referrals and other marketing activities, including traffic sources and who referred a particular customer, to facilitate a performance-based rewards system.